Your marketing message is the phrase that describes the problem you solve and what makes you unique in the eyes of your ideal client. It’s also called a USP, unique selling proposition, hook, and irresistible offer… and you need to have one.

But many entrepreneurs and small business owners get tripped up trying to come up with their marketing message. The biggest mistake they make is talking about the process of what they offer. The process of what you do might be cool and exciting to you, but it’s not to your prospects.

They want to know what they get as a result of your process. People don’t buy processes they buy outcomes.

Why You Must Have a Clear Marketing Message

Your marketing message is to your ideal client what honey is to bees. Don’t offer your prospects dull, boring celery. Give them something they are really hungry for – give them candy!

People don’t buy from vague, abstract marketing messages. But if you’re marketing message addresses a specific problem that they are eager to solve, you’re golden.

Plus, a powerful marketing message makes it easy for others to refer more business to you.

The Trick to Creating a Powerful Marketing Message

Because most of us slip and tend to talk about our process by default, let’s just get it out of your system. Answer the question, “What do you sell?” from YOUR point of view.

Once you’re done, get a fresh piece of paper. Pretend you are your ideal client and answer the question, “Why should I buy this?” from THEIR point of view. Really stand in their shoes and look at your offer. If you were your market, what are the ultimate results they want? This is very important because it’ll transform how you talk about what you do.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs the answers to these two questions are different, which isn’t good for your marketing message. You want the answers to be the same so you’re selling an outcome that your market is looking for.

For example, if you’re selling paint you might think the answer to “what are you selling” is paint, right? But people only buy paint for a specific result. We don’t buy paint just for the sake of buying paint. We buy paint because we want “happy walls” – that’s the ultimate outcome we’re after.

You don’t buy eyeglasses for the sake of carrying around eyeglasses. What you’re buying is clear vision. See how this works?

The more you can think of what you offer from the point of view of what your clients are actually buying the more you’re marketing message will be spot on. Simply tell people what they are buying as a bottom-line, end result.

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