Here’s is the best time management secret I know. Because entrepreneurs get overwhelmed easily with everything that happens to start and grow a profitable business. We can’t help it! We’re driven to see our vision come to light. But often that means we sacrifice time to slow down, take care of ourselves and enjoy the people in our lives. There is a solution to master your time – even if you’re a crazy, creative entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs thrive with a little discipline and structure. And this is especially true with time management. By following this simple time management secret, you’ll free up more time in your schedule and enjoy more freedom in your life.

The secret is to batch your time into three main categories…

Entrepreneur Time Management Category #1 – Focus Time

Focus time is the most important time in your week. Virtually all millionaires have large sections of their week devoted to focus time. This is time devoted to long-term money making projects and opportunities for your business. Anything that will bring you long-term money is done in your focus time.

Projects and tasks done in focus time are very important, but not urgent. This is time working on your business not in it.

Some activities to do in your focus time include: creating products and programs, planning, marketing, copywriting, research, networking, etc.

The trick to focus time is to turn off your phone, email and any other possible distractions. You might even want to set a timer. Work only on predetermined, specific projects that will bring you money in the future.

Entrepreneur Time Management Category #2 – Flex Time

This is flexible time where you’re actively engaged in making money for your business. This is time spent taking care of the day-to-day, necessary operations   to run your business. Here you’re working directly in your business making money today.

Some activities to do in your flex time include: answering the phone, doing email, working with clients, meeting with team members, doing administration, etc.

Entrepreneur Time Management Category #3 – Open Time

Open time is for everything else. This includes: vacations, time with family, self-care, working out, running personal errands, etc.

What we as entrepreneurs often forget is we need time to contract – time to retreat from the daily grind. Open time is your time to relax and recharge. Often the best ideas come during open time because you’re not thinking of work.

One of my personal favorite activities to do during open time is work on jigsaw puzzles while listening to stories from the show “This American Life.” I’m not thinking of work, I’m in the zone and time flies by. But afterwards, I’m so rested, invigorated and motivated that getting back to growing my business is much easier.

You want to put blocks of focus, flex and open time into your calendar. I even color code those blocks of time: focus time = red (important), flex time = green (making money) and open time = blue (relax).

Enjoy this very simple time management secret for entrepreneurs. I know it’ll help you grow your business, make more money and enjoy the free time you’ll open up in your week.

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