There are eleven universal reasons why we buy anything. If you know and understand why your market buys from you, you have the power to help them by showing why your product or service will improve their lives.

Business growth is easy to accomplish, once you know the secret. The secret is deceptively simple: offer what your target market wants. Easy enough, right? Yet, the only thing that gets in our way is ourselves…

I remember when I was seven I got a race car set for Christmas. After tearing open the package I couldn’t wait to race cars with my brother. But my dad had to put the damn thing together first. I remember interrupting him, grabbing the screwdriver, thinking I was helping and speeding the process along. With all my “input” and interruptions the whole process took hours! (Okay – more like 20 minutes but at that age it SEEMED like hours!)

Marketing is the same way.

The more we try to get our own hands into the fray, the more complicated we make marketing. Almost all your marketing questions, challenges and problems are solved by listening to what your target market wants.

People Buy End Results and Experiences

Becoming very good at marketing is largely about getting out of your head and getting into the world of your target market.

What do THEY want – not what do you THINK they need. The secret is to focus on the results you deliver – not your process to get there. People buy results – and in some markets, people also buy the experience they get journeying towards an end result.

Get in the habit of thinking in terms of the bottom line result and the experience your market gets from using your product or service.

If you apply this way of thinking right now in your business, you WILL see immediate results. As you keep acting from this perspective your business will inevitably grow in the weeks to come.

How We Decide to Buy Things

We see something we want, it triggers something deep inside; we justify why we want it and we buy it. It’s universal. We all act this way.

You know this from your experience too: remember a time when you really wanted something, but you knew you shouldn’t buy it? It’s the different parts of your brain doing what they do…

You see something and BANG! The core of your brain – the reptilian brain – grunts, “Ugh. I want that. I have to have that!” It’s your “greed gland.” Next your limbic system – the mammalian brain – gets hit with the emotional desire for the thing. The desire burns deep inside you – out of control if it wasn’t for the next part of the brain…the thought rises to your neo cortex. It’s our logical brain – what makes us think. You find logical reasons to justify the need to buy or not buy the thing.

In your marketing message, you have to hit all three levels of desire. Good marketing happens when you give logical reasons for your prospects emotional buying decisions. All three brain levels are represented in the top eleven reasons why we all buy…

  1. Save time
  2. Save money
  3. Make money
  4. Avoid effort
  5. Increase happiness
  6. Find success
  7. Be pain-free/better health
  8. Have fun
  9. Gain praise
  10. Feel safe and secure
  11. Feel liked or loved/be popular

Your task is to find which of these matches your product and service. Start promoting these fundamental, universal triggers in your marketing. Grab people’s attention by showing how your offer produces some of these bottom line results and you’ll make your marketing easy and fun forever.