I’m a strategist. I quickly see how you can make more money in your business while cutting costs and complexity. Since 2005 I’ve worked with and taught thousands of entrepreneurs and service professionals from around the world.

I specialize in businesses that work in one of both of the following:

  1. Female-Focused Markets: I understand how to market to females without reverting to “just make it pink”. The female marketplace requires more sensitivity and craft than other mass markets. I can show you how to market to women for greater impact and success. Female-focused companies I’ve worked with in the past include: Ali Brown, Feminine Power, Evolving Wisdom, The Bar Method, and many more.
  2. Holistic Markets: If your offer is holistic, integral, or a full spectrum approach in your service, I can help you craft a powerful message that appeals to the right market for you. Thought leaders in the personal growth and holistic markets I’ve worked with in the past include: Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Genpo Roshi, Craig Hamilton, Claire Zammit, and many more.

How I can help you

I work with a limited number of entrepreneurs and brands helping them expand their businesses in two ways:

  1. Business Strategy
    I help you craft and test your business model so you generate high profits while reducing expenses.
  2. Marketing Strategy
    I help you discover and refine who your ideal client is, how to create messages and offers that appeal to them, plus list building and sales strategies.

Specifically, I can help you in these key areas:

  • Finding new clients and customers
  • Building your email list
  • Uncovering your value proposition
  • Determining your best revenue streams
  • Cutting costs
  • Planning your program launches
  • Designing your sales funnel
  • Creating new products and programs
  • Remaining authentic to your brand while reaching more people
  • Clarifying your ideal client
  • Improving your copy for higher conversion
  • Designing your offers
  • Making sales authentically
  • Fine-tuning your marketing message
  • And much more

Who I Work With

Image the phases of an airplane taking off…

Phase 1: At first the plane is in the terminal waiting for guidance as to what direction to go. The pilot is eager to go, but doesn’t know where they are flying to yet. (In business, this is the person just starting out. Maybe there’s some working idea what the offer is and who you want to serve, but it’s not been tested and proven to work yet.)

Phase 2: The plain has just taken off the runway and is a few hundred feet off the ground. The pilot knows where they are going but doesn’t necessarily know the fastest route to get there. The plane needs to reach a higher elevation before it can settle into a comfortable cruising speed. (In business, this is the entrepreneur that knows what their offer is, who it’s for, and already has enough sales to prove the market is buying the offer but needs to scale everything up.)

Phase 3: The plane is at 20,000 feet elevation and wants to reach 36,000 feet. All the systems of the plane are working; it’s now a question of scaling and systematizing to reach the desired elevation and increase the cruising speed. (In business, this is the entrepreneur or company who has a proven track record, lots of sales, and a clear and powerful offer that sells easily. The issue is maximizing profits while keeping a close eye on costs so they can grow their team, maximize conversions, and increase profits.)

I work predominantly with Phases 2 and 3. Simple.

(The only exception to the Phase 1 business is if the entrepreneur has already built a successful business beyond 6-figures and is starting a new venture or they were an executive in corporate and are now branching out on their own. I don’t work with visionaries who might have a big idea but little to no solid business experience.)

I also consult with larger, more established brands and companies who are in the process of launching a new program or rebranding their marketing message.

How to work with me

The majority of my consulting is done over Skype.

I offer three ways to work with me…

The strategy session

I’ve been offering these powerful Strategy Sessions since 2005. It’s 50-minutes with me where I zero in on exactly where you can make the most profit in your business with the least amount of effort right now.

These calls are packed – that’s why I record them for you. I will help you create a strategy and pathway to make the next big leap in your business while being sensitive to your desired lifestyle. (i.e. Getting results without burning yourself out!)

You’ll walk away with a clear plan and defined action steps to bring in more money to your business quickly.

The investment is $250.

Simply click the link below and order your Strategy Session. Once the order goes through I will have you fill out a questionnaire and we’ll schedule our session.

Strategy Session width=

The strategy session package

Often we need to roll up our sleeves and map out your business model and marketing strategy, which takes multiple strategy sessions.

If you know you need more than one session, please contact me directly to discuss what will work best for you.

VIP Day + Strategy Session Package

For those who want me do a deep dive into growing your income while cutting complexity, my VIP Package is for you. I will work closely with you to create and implement a blueprint to take your business to a whole new level of profitability and automation.

It starts with an in-person, full-day VIP Day in Amsterdam, where I live. During this day we’ll create your business model and marketing blueprint.

After your VIP Day you’ll get 7 follow-up Strategy Sessions where I’ll help you implement the step-by-step details of the plan we map out.

In addition to our time together, I’ll also review your copy, plans, and strategies outside of our calls and make edits to your copy.

Plus, I will share with you anything you need from my vast toolbox of templates, scripts, and formulas I’ve developed and refined over 10 years.

It’s like having me as your virtual partner helping you expand and grow beyond what you can see for yourself.

If you’re interested in a VIP day, contact me here.

Corporate client package

If you work within an organization and want consulting, I can help. I’ve worked directly with CEOs, COOs, and Marketing Directors within companies as their “secret weapon” that helped them strategize and launch new programs and brands.

If you’re interested in bringing me into your company on a project, contact me here.


The Freedom Strategy

With over a decade of experience helping thousands of entrepreneurs around the world I’ve figured out the best strategy and tools you need to grow a profitable business while enjoying more freedom in your life. I share my top tips and strategies in this free video training.

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