Rave Reviews for James Roche

“I rank James Roche as one of the top small business marketing coaches and trainers out there today.”

I was so impressed with the results James gets for his clients that when I designed my Millionaire Protégé Club Platinum tier program, I knew I needed a head coach to lead it—James was the first person I thought of asking. And I’m glad I did! His brilliance and coaching savvy shines consistently. I endorse and highly recommend you hire James for coaching on products, programs, and marketing strategy.

Ali Brown, Ali International

“You’re a fabulous and insightful person, highly creative and extremely quick and sharp of mind. You’re a very, very nice human, too. And that makes for a truly wonderful combination.”

Neale Donald Walsch, New York Times bestselling author of “Conversations with God”

“James Roche is hands down the most gifted and effective marketer I’ve ever worked with in the personal growth and business development industry.”

Everything he touches turns to gold. If you have the opportunity for him to get his support in your business, I would say run! Don’t walk!

Claire Zammit, Founder Feminine Power, Co-Founder Evolving Wisdom. Recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the USA.

“I made $75,000 in sales in less than a month”

James Roche helped me create a highly profitable strategy that was a huge success for me. He helped me with the entire marketing strategy: identifying my ideal client, creating a highly responsive marketing message, mapping out my sales funnel, writing my sales copy, refining my curriculum, and so much more. I now have peace of mind so I can enjoy more stress-free time with my family and new baby. Thank you!

Julia Zaslow, Holistic Business Advice

“In just 2 months I had a 6 times ROI on my investment.”

Working with James really made my business take off. When my first program ended I continued to work with James for a year and my business is now a million kroner [$152,000] business. James is the real deal!

Maiken Kühl, Business and work life mentor, Denmark

“I’ve done over a dozen of the top marketing products out there and James Roche’s ‘Marketing Made Easy Blueprint’ is by far the very best I’ve seen.”

Max Simon, Founder Big Vision Business

“Working with James I doubled my gross and maintained my great profit margin.”

James Roche escorted me into a better way to make more money and be more committed to my customers and clients. When I first started working with James I was grossing around $200k with a great profit margin. Working with James I doubled my gross and maintained my great profit margin. I’m a happy camper, and so are my customers.

Cate Stillman, Founder Yoga Healer. Author of Body Thrive

“I increased my income by 60% after I implemented the new business model James gave me…”

For over two and a half years I was looking for a clear model that took all the information in my head and made it simple enough for my clients to understand. Then one day as James and I stood in front of a flip chart, he drew a simple diagram that captured EVERYTHING I taught and made it understandable. This helped my business plan snap into place.

I HIGHLY recommend James. I’ve referred my top clients to him so they too can discover their marketing message and info product creation. They’ve all come back thanking me for the referral.”

Yolanda Harris, Founder The Keynote Group

“Within just 2 weeks after working with James, I signed up two high-end coaching clients, and earned much more money than I invested.”

I am so glad to have James as my business-coach. He is the best!

Ka Sundance - Lifestyle Business Coach

“You have waved your magical strategy wand over my business and now I see a clear, simple, brilliant route mapped out ahead of me.”

Before our VIP Day I was feeling very stressed and overwhelmed by my rapid business growth and everything happening at the same time. I have left our VIP day clear, invigorated, and super-excited by the possibilities ahead. Thank you for so generously sharing your home, your time and most of all, your razor-sharp mind with me. Awesome!

Tommi Wolfe, Business Coach, Boulder, CO

“In just one day James and I created an entire business and marketing plan for a whole new division of my ever-growing business empire.”

When I came to James I had an idea of what I wanted to do but it was still quite vague because I didn’t know exactly what the business would be. At the end of this day, I have more than the format for my business… I have the tag line, I have the offerings I’m going to be making on the home page, I have the format for an actual event I’m going to be and so much more.

We created something together that is so strong and I know I couldn’t have done it without James. Having worked with him in the past, I know what he is capable of and I know how brilliant he is about coming to clarity and making things defined.

Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach, United Kingdom

“The results I got after my session with James were shocking! People began calling me for exactly the thing I most wanted to do, and I got far few “tire kickers” after I made the changes James suggested.”

Before I worked with James, my business was not specifically focused on the one thing I do best of all. Instead, I was offering too many things and confusing prospects about what they actually would get from me.

One action I took right away after my time with James was to actually reduce the number of offers on my website, narrowing my services and tightening my target market.

The results I got after my session with James were shocking! People began calling me for exactly the thing I most wanted to do, and I got far few “tire kickers” after I made the changes James suggested.

Sue Painter, Business Coach, The Confident Marketer


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