Time Management Secrets for Entrepreneurs

Here’s is the best time management secret I know. Because entrepreneurs get overwhelmed easily with everything that happens to start and grow a profitable business. We can’t help it! We’re driven to see our vision come to light. But often that means we sacrifice time to slow down, take care of ourselves and enjoy the people in our lives. There is a solution to master your time – even if you’re a crazy, creative entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs thrive with a little discipline and structure. And this is especially true with time management. By following this simple time management secret, you’ll free up more time in your schedule and enjoy more freedom in your life.


My Relaxation Secret to Improve Productivity

My relaxation secret…

My wife calls it “contraction”. It’s when you just want to shut off, not work and do something mindless. Maybe you’ve worked hard to finish a project, or you’ve finished a packed day. But as entrepreneur’s we need to turn off and reboot our brain.

My wife’s relaxation secret is to watch episode after episode of Grey’s Anatomy. AGHHH! That would drive me crazy! But she loves it. It refreshes her.