3 Tools to Live a Freedom Based Lifestyle

3 Tools for FBL

Because of some amazing technology you too can live a freedom based lifestyle where you can live and work anywhere in the world. There’s a new renaissance for entrepreneurs who want more freedom – financial freedom, freedom of time, freedom from staff, and freedom to fully experience life the way you want it.

When my wife Melanie and I were in Venice, Italy recently we were both so moved and inspired by the explosion of creativity that’s everywhere you look. There’s beauty exuding from every narrow street and cannel.


Weight Loss for Entrepreneurs


I’m fascinated with weight loss for entrepreneurs because let’s be honest, it’s hard for many of us to stay slim. We sit on our duff most of the day pecking away at the computer. But, I found this great article that is based on research and not personal bias and emotion.

Because one of my pet peeves is when every nutritionist and health expert confidently explains how to REALLY lose weight… i.e. THEIR way (and only their way.) They denounce all other possible weight loss options and get righteous that their way is the only way.