You want to get more referrals because referral marketing is the most efficient and cost effective marketing method out there. That’s because referral clients tend to be more loyal than other clients and often times a lot easier to work with. They pay their bills on time and tend to cause less hassle. Referral marketing is the most profitable marketing there is because others are doing the selling for you and you didn’t have to pay for advertising. In this article I’m going to share with you 7 fun and easy ways to get more referrals.

Get More Referrals Tip #1: Lottery Ticket Surprise

Anytime someone refers you a client send them back a hand-written thank you note with a lottery ticket enclosed. Your people will never forget that. How fun would it be to get a nice card with a lottery ticket in the mail!

Get More Referrals Tip #2: Give a Free Session

My wife used this strategy in her energy healing practice and went from 7 clients to 14 in less than 30 days. Simply tell your clients and friends, “For everyone you send me who signs up for just one session, I’ll give you a free session.” It works especially well if you tend to keep your clients for a long, long time. If a client stays with you for months or years then that free session you gave away to attract that client is negligible.

Get More Referrals Tip #3: Give Referrals

So simple. Just be known as a person who generously gives referrals yourself and soon enough you’ll receive them, too. You don’t need to keep score. If someone you send business to never send you business back even after you ask them, don’t worry about it. Just give. It’s more about surrounding yourself with the energy of someone who helps others succeed.

Get More Referrals Tip #4: Give a Referral Finders Fee

Money motivates. When you offer a finders fee people will more easily bring you people. They already love your service but now they have that extra little push to tell others about you. A finders fee could be a percentage of the sale you make or a flat rate.

Get More Referrals Tip #5: ______ Bucks

This one is a fun variation of the last strategy. Put your name in the blank. So I would give “James Bucks”. A _____ Buck is a gift certificate that people can trade in for the exact dollar amount towards any of your product or services. You can create a referral system where people receive “_____ Bucks” for everyone they send you. You can even make up fun fake money with your picture in the oval in the center of the buck.

Get More Referrals Tip #6: Ask

When you’re out and about meeting people you can always simply ask, “Who do you know who is struggling with ________ problem?” Also, while working with your current clients (or even in the first session) tell them that your business is based on referrals and that you expect referrals from them, too.

Get More Referrals Tip #7: Get Your Money Back

As you work with a client tell them, “Would you like to know how to have a free session?” Of course they will want to know! Then explain, “For every referral you send me I’ll give you ___% off your next session.” You can put in any percentage you like. Maybe 20%, 50% or even 100%.

Bottom line, you just have to put into place a simple referral system that suites your style. People are referring all sots of things all the time. You do it, too. When was the last time you told a friend about a movie they had to see or a book they had to read? We like sharing useful information. So leverage this human desire to help by setting you your own referral system so you can attract more clients the easy and inexpensive way.

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