My relaxation secret…

My wife calls it “contraction”. It’s when you just want to shut off, not work and do something mindless. Maybe you’ve worked hard to finish a project, or you’ve finished a packed day. But as entrepreneur’s we need to turn off and reboot our brain.

My wife’s relaxation secret is to watch episode after episode of Grey’s Anatomy. AGHHH! That would drive me crazy! But she loves it. It refreshes her.

So here’s my little relaxation secret…

There’s not much I love more than working a jigsaw puzzle while listening to past episodes of the NPR program with Ira Glass called “This American Life” on my iPhone app.

I got back from a long trip in Scottsdale, AZ, where I spoke on stage with Ali Brown for 3 days. It took a lot of energy. So when I got home I was thrilled to NOT open my computer and just work a jigsaw puzzle for a day. The next day I was ready to get back in the swing of things.

So what’s your favorite activity for “down time”? How do you refresh and reboot your inner system after a time of focused work?