The ONLY Three Ways to Increase Your Income

It’s easy to increase your income once you see there are three and only three ways to do it. You don’t need to come up with something completely new in order to get big results. You have access to these three ways to increase your income already at your fingertips.

And you don’t have to look outside of your current business. All you have to do is sharpen your pencil and get a bit creative. Let’s take a look…


2 Keys to Finding Your Marketing Message

Your marketing message is the phrase that describes the problem you solve and what makes you unique in the eyes of your ideal client. It’s also called a USP, unique selling proposition, hook, and irresistible offer… and you need to have one.

But many entrepreneurs and small business owners get tripped up trying to come up with their marketing message. The biggest mistake they make is talking about the process of what they offer. The process of what you do might be cool and exciting to you, but it’s not to your prospects.


7 Fun and Easy Ways to Get More Referrals

You want to get more referrals because referral marketing is the most efficient and cost effective marketing method out there. That’s because referral clients tend to be more loyal than other clients and often times a lot easier to work with. They pay their bills on time and tend to cause less hassle. Referral marketing is the most profitable marketing there is because others are doing the selling for you and you didn’t have to pay for advertising. In this article I’m going to share with you 7 fun and easy ways to get more referrals.


The Top 11 Reasons Why People Will Buy From You

There are eleven universal reasons why we buy anything. If you know and understand why your market buys from you, you have the power to help them by showing why your product or service will improve their lives.

Business growth is easy to accomplish, once you know the secret. The secret is deceptively simple: offer what your target market wants. Easy enough, right? Yet, the only thing that gets in our way is ourselves…


How to Get Clients with an Irresistible Offer

Your irresistible offer is what you dangle in front of your target market that gets them salivating. Every product or service you have needs to be positioned as something irresistible that your audience needs right now. Your goal is to get them jumping up and saying, “I HAVE to have that!”

Your product and service are the vehicles to deliver the solution to the target markets problems. But your offer is more than just your product or service. An irresistible offer triggers emotion and focuses on an end result. It’s the reason WHY people buy what they buy.